‘The Disaster Artist’ Review

‘The Disaster Artist’ Review

This was one of my most anticipated movies of 2017. You may know from an earlier post of mine, I am a huge fan of the cult classic ‘The Room’. It is one of my favorite film experiences I’ve ever had. A movie so incredibly awful that you cannot take your eyes off it. ‘The Disaster Artist’ is about the making of ‘The Room’ and stars James Franco as the “human” behind this movie, the one the only Tommy Wiseau. James also directed this film. Dave Franco plays Greg Sestero the actor who plays “Mark” in the room and is the writer of the book that this movie is based on. The cast is crazy. There is a long list of stars who appear in this movie. While I was really excited to see this, I was really worried as well. I really hoped James Franco was going to respect Tommy and ‘The Room’. I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be a movie where it seemed like Franco is making fun of Tommy and ‘The Room’. And I am so happy to say that Franco did not do that. This is a really funny, heartwarming, and actually really inspiring film. While the scenes of Tommy making ‘The Room’ are quite hilarious if you’ve seen ‘The Room’, the rest of the film is about a friendship. A really sweet friendship between Greg and Tommy. James Franco as Tommy is unbelievable in this film. He is going to get nominated for an Oscar without a doubt. He NAILS the “New Orleans” accent of Tommy and the overall weirdness of the man, but what makes his performance so great is the humanity that Franco brings to the role. While it would be easy for Franco and co, to “poke fun” at Tommy, instead they celebrate the man. They celebrate two people, Greg and Tommy, who chased their dreams and got this movie made. There is something so inspiring about that. And it’s also heartbreaking when they show Tommy’s reaction to the first time people were laughing at his movie. But it also shows the actual genius of Tommy. He saw this and embraced the laughter and capitalized on it. ‘The Room’ is played in every major city in the country, as well as in international markets like London. and has a huge cult following with almost every screening sold out. When you see Tommy react to the reaction that his film which he put his heart and soul into, it’s truly heartbreaking. And for me as someone who wants to create for a living or any artist, it will speak to you. For something to be perceived in a totally different way in which you’ve intended that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into it’s really hard to deal with. But this movie teaches the lesson to push through that. Dave Franco as Greg is excellent, Seth Rogen steals the film for me in some scenes, and Zac Efron….is probably my favorite cameo or role in this film it’s hilarious what he does. I loved ‘The Disaster Artist’. It was everything that I wanted to see about this story and more.  Don’t be surprised if this film gets a lot of nominations this year.



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