‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review

It’s HERE! Ever since 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ literal “cliffhanger” of an ending, I salivated at the thought of Episode VIII. Not only was I just exited because it was another Star Wars film, this film is directed by Rian Johnson. Who if you don’t know, is a fantastic filmmaker who is the man behind films like Brick and Looper. So I waited two long years, but I finally got to lay eyes on Star Wars: The Last Jedi last night. And after my first viewing I can safely say that I absolutely LOVE this film. Now, I don’t think this is a perfect film. But, god damn, I had a blast with this film. To get my negatives out of the way, without spoiling the film, the character of Finn and the newcomer Rose have a story line in this film that I thought screeched the film to a halt. It makes the film feel a little long because it drags. I do like the character of Rose, but I think their story line is pretty weak. While enjoyable, I was invested in other stories that made me wish that we were not watching what they were doing. I know that was very vague and I am just making sure I don’t spoil any thing for you guys. Now on to my positives. The performances in this film are the best I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars film. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, once again is fantastic. Daisy Ridley as Rey, as well such a great actress. But the obvious stand out to me is Mark freakin’ Hamill as Luke Skywalker. He is truly special in this film and that’s all I’ll say. Oscar Issac again is so much fun as Poe. He has a lot more to do in this movie and I was really happy to see that because I really liked him in The Force Awakens. Carrie Fisher, in her last performance as Leia due to unfortunate passing, is the best she’s ever been in a Star Wars film. Now the action in this film…..oh man. Some of the best action scenes in any Star Wars film. So stuff involving lightsabers made me so happy because there are shots and sequences that I have wanted to see for YEARS. That leads me into the cinematography. This is by far the most beautiful Star Wars film yet. Rian Johnson directed the hell out of this film and there are a couple shots in particular that are so strikingly beautiful that I want to hang on my wall like now. Now lets talk about the meat of the film. Without spoiling ANYTHING (I would never do that), this film takes a lot of risks. It does things with characters that I really wasn’t expecting. Twists and turns that I was constantly surprised. Now some of you, may not be on board with some of the risks they take. For me, and I think for most hardcore Star Wars fans like myself, will be. To me, the risks they take were EXTREMELY satisfying. And there is incredible fan service in this film. But, it’s not cheap fan service. It’s not like in Rogue One, where the fanservice happened and didn’t serve the story. The fanservice in this film serves the story. It’s there for a reason and bravo to Rian Johnson for brilliant writing for this film. The humor in this movie is very strong too. It’s a really funny movie there are a lot of jokes that hit hard for me. And yes the Porgs and crystal foxes are freaking adorable. This is a powerful, satisfying, fun, and emotional rollercoaster of a film. This is a Star Wars film that builds on the previous films so well while having a basis for the future that I can’t wait for and I can’t wait to watch this film about 5 more times in the theater.



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