‘Good Time’ Review

‘Good Time’ Review

‘Good Time’ stars Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, and Jenifer Jason Leigh and is also directed by Benny Safdie and his brother Josh. This is an indie film that is produced by the critically acclaimed company A24 and is about a bank robber (Robert Pattinson) spends a night trying to free his mentally ill brother (Benny Safdie) from being sent to Riker’s Island prison after a heist goes wrong. This is a film that was released in limited amounts of theaters in the late summer and was just released on VOD. I was hearing a lot of great things about this film. It got a lot of buzz coming out of the Cannes film festival and I decided to check it out and I am SO glad that I did. This film is dark, disturbing and INTENSE. This might be one of the best thrillers I have seen in quite a while. There are a ton of positives that I found in this film. First off, if you thought Robert Pattinson was just ‘okay’ as an actor, WATCH THIS MOVIE. Robert Pattinson is incredible in this film. Don’t be surprised if he just nominated for an Oscar for this film this year. The thing that makes his performance so amazing is that the character that Pattinson plays in this movie is a complete ASSHOLE. There is NOTHING redeemable about him other than he loves his brother and the fact that we are rooting for this guy is remarkable. And the reason we do is Pattinson is electrifying to watch. I was so blown away by his performance because I hate the Twilight movies and I haven’t been blown away in his other roles. This is his best work by far because if his performance isn’t as good as it is, this movie would not work. Next, the direction in this film is really cool. This film’s cinematography highlights the neon-drenched, dark, gross, side of New York City, in a kind of beautiful way. The Safdie brothers injected some high-quality intensity in this. The first thirty minutes of the film are pretty much perfect. It’s an incredible set up for the characters and it’s extremely intense. But what I like most about this film is its kind of unconventional. There are not a lot of films that I can think of that make the audience root for a complete ASSHOLE as a protagonist. And when the film ends, it adds a whole other layer to the film that makes this film more than just a really intense real-time thriller. Last positive, I LOVED the soundtrack! It’s such a cool electronic score, in the vein of the film ‘Drive’. As for negatives, there is a point in the film in the second act where the film drags a little bit, and then it picks up again but just that 15-minute segment in the middle I thought wasn’t as strong as the rest of the film. But other than that, I think if you like THRILLERS and want to see a great electrifying performance I would highly recommend this film and will probably be in my top ten films of the year list.



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