‘Justice League’ Review

‘Justice League’ Review

‘Justice League’ is a small indie film that stars Ben Affleck, Gal Godet, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa and is about Batman aka, Bruce Wayne, Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act from ‘Batman V Superman’, he enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, to face an even greater enemy, by joining forces with Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, Victor Stone aka Cyborg, and Barry Allen aka The Flash. This is obviously one of the biggest films of the year. My relationship with the DC films has been a rocky one. I really liked ‘Man of Steel’, I honestly liked ‘Batman V Superman’, I HATED ‘Suicide Squad’ and I LOVED ‘Wonder Woman.’ So I kind of went into this film with low expectations. I was preparing myself for disappointment because at the writing of this review this film has a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. And I’m here to say that….the critics are being way too harsh with this film. Is this film perfect? No. Not at all. BUT, I’m not going to lie, I had a blast with this film. DC and director Zack Snyder (and Joss Wheadon) take a more light and “fluffy” approach to this film. They are obviously trying to make their new films lighter than their older films. This was apparent with Wonder Woman as well. So the positives that I found in this movie, are quite slim but they are important. This movie works for one reason in my opinion. It’s the Justice Leauge themselves. They are all fantastic. Ben Affleck remains my favorite incarnation of Batman (Ooooo controversial). I love everything about his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and this film continues to confirm that. I loved Gal Godet as Wonder Woman in her solo film, and she is probably the heart and soul of this film. She’s truly exceptional. Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, The Flash, is probably the standout in this film. He’s very funny and he gives a really charismatic performance and he made me want to see his solo film as soon as possible. Jason Momoa is badass as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher is good as Cyborg. But what is truly great about everyone is their chemistry with one another. It is great and my favorite scenes in the film are when they are with one another interacting with one another. I thought the dialogue was witty and since all these guys and gals are giving great performances, it really works. Zack Snyder directs the hell out of the action scenes in this film. They’re great. But I was expecting that. Now I have more negatives. The biggest one being, this film feels RUSHED. This film is 2 hours long. That’s pretty short for a film like this. I felt like I was on a freight train. It goes from scene to scene and there were a ton of scenes that needed to breathe because there are a lot of great scenes in this movie! I just wanted them to be longer. The villian….is terrible. But to me, that’s not that big of a deal. I don’t really care about the villain in these films because I care more about the heroes. But it is a problem because if they had a stronger villain it would make it a stronger film. Back to the pacing, in the beginning of the film it feels like a series of vignettes. It is EXTREMELY choppy. And that’s kind of all I can really talk about without spoiling this film. It is a very choppy film, but very entertaining. There are great moments of greatness that show what the DC universe can do and while I don’t love this movie, I think this is a very good step in the right direction for DC and Warner Bros. And just a last positive when Superman appears in this film….it is AWESOME. My favorite scene in the film by far.



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