Classic Review: ‘Halloween (1978)’

Classic Review: ‘Halloween (1978)’

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I thought this would be an absolutely perfect opportunity to discuss my favorite film to watch during this time of year. As many of you know, ‘Halloween’ came out in the year 1978 and changed the horror landscape forever for the better as well as for worse. In this review, I’m going to discuss why I feel ‘Halloween’ is the best movie you can watch on this awesome day as well as hopefully giving some insight into why this film is so revered and is celebrated over 30 years later. And also maybe explain why I like horror so much. Because I have a lot of friends that just don’t understand the horror genre. HOPEFULLY, I CAN CHANGE THEIR MINDS AND MAKE THEM ENJOY HORROR! If you don’t know the story of ‘Halloween’, the film is about Michael Myers 15 years after murdering his sister on Halloween night, he escapes his mental asylum to his small hometown to kill again. This film was directed by horror LEGEND, John Carpenter. He is also behind another one of my favorite horror films, ‘The Thing’. And this was the debut role for Jamie Lee Curtis, who is the original “scream queen”. What I love most about this film and what I think makes this film so timeless is the atmosphere that this film builds as well as the AWESOME killer with Michael Myers. Before going into the incredible direction in this film, I must stress how great the character of Michael Myers is. The best thing about him is that their many questions asked about him. Is Michael Myers just a crazy guy? Or is he a supernatural force?  Carpenter gives us just the perfect amount of back story on this guy and shoots him in an almost ghostly way creating the blurred line between human and supernatural. The more little you know about the killer the scarier he is. And obviously, Carpenter created an ICON. Whether you’ve seen the film or not, you know exactly what Michael Myers looks like. Back to the atmosphere, this film just makes me feel so cozy inside. Fall is my favorite season and I love Halloween and the spirit around it in suburbia. It reminds me of my childhood. So watching this on Halloween or during the fall season is the perfect time to watch it. And probably the most important thing that Halloween did for cinema, it created the modern-day slasher film. Many tropes that you see in modern slasher films, ‘Halloween’ started it. Teenage victims, the scream queen, punishing teens for using drugs and sex, and of course the theme song. Another great about this film is, of course, the scares. While I don’t find this movie quite terrifying, there are a lot of creepy shots that I love. I don’t want to spoil any of the iconic shots in this film so I’ll just leave it at that. The scares are a lot of fun and this film isn’t very gory so If you want something scary with not a lot of gore, I would recommend this film. Long review short, this is a very iconic and fun horror film to watch during this time of year. It obviously is a hugely influential film and launched a crap load of sequels(Most of which are HORRIBLE). Without this film, we wouldn’t have gotten things like Friday the 13th’ or ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchises.


So after talking about ‘Halloween’, I wanted to answer a question that I get a lot from friends. Why do I enjoy horror films? Why does anyone enjoy horror? Horror is one of the most popular genres of film in the modern age. Just look at the box office. Just this past month, “It” has made TRUCKLOADS of money. And “Happy Deathday” is doing well too in the box office. So why? In my opinion, I think it is very related to comedies. Why do we go to comedies? To laugh of course! Laughter is a visceral reaction that when done well can make an auditorium full of people have a great experience together. Fear is the same thing. There is something about getting goosebumps in fear in a theater. Having that experience with a group of strangers is a beautiful thing in my opinion. To me, horror movies are like roller coasters. In a great horror film, (like ‘The Shining, for example), I honestly get the same reaction that I do in a rollercoaster that I do in a horror film. And personally, I like scaring people. As an inspiring filmmaker, our job is to create reactions. it’s our job to get you to react and have several feelings watching a film. And the best way to do that is by scaring people.


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