‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Review

‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Review

‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ is directed by indie darling Noah Baumbach and stars Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Thompson. This film is streaming on Netflix only. I was looking forward to this because I really enjoy most of Noah Baumbach’s movies like Francis Ha and While We’re Young, And I call myself an Adam Sandler apologist. Growing up, I loved his comedies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison and I just really like watching him on-screen. So I’m not a Sandler hater. He has a place in my heart. So I am always really excited to see him in something that’s not his brand of crappy comedy that he does nowadays. ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ is another great movie in Baumbach’s career. This film is about an estranged family (the Meyerowitz family), who all gather in New York City to celebrate their father’s artistic work. That is just the set up of the film. There are a lot of layers and things that happen between the characters that I don’ t want to discuss because I think they are really compelling and I want you to experience them on your own. The strongest part of the film to me by far is the screenplay. Baumbach wrote a really riveting and engaging script. This film is filled with witty dialogue and great humor. The characters that Baumbach wrote here also are great. Each one of the characters in this film is fleshed out and compelling. And the relationships between that each family member in the family, particularly the two brothers Danny and Matthew (Sandler and Stiller) and their father played by Dustin Hoffman have is really compelling. The performances here are just as strong as the screenplay. Adam Sandler gives a great performance in this film. I know that’s shocking but hear me out. When he does drama he can be REALLY good. I first noticed this in a film called ‘Reign Over Me’. And I always thought he was really strong in the dramatic parts in the Judd Apatow film about stand up comedy ‘Funny People’. He is great because you can really tell that he is the son of Dustin Hoffman, who is also great as always. Sandler mimics a lot of Dustin’s mannerisms and it’s extremely believable that he is the son of Dustin’s character. Ben Stiller, also, is great in this movie. He is starting to dive more into dramatic roles and he’s always been good at them in my opinion. This isn’t a straight-up drama there is plenty of dry humor and signature Baumbach humor that I really liked. Baumbach’s direction is great as well. As a director, he reminds me a lot of a young Wes Anderson with the certain quirks that Baumbach includes in his films. The only issue that I found in this film is that there are a couple of scenes that I felt went to long and a couple scenes/moments that were odd and pulled me out of the film. I originally wasn’t going to review this film but I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this film and I thought I should direct you to it. It’s streaming on Netflix right now and I definitely recommend it. And it’s finally an Adam Sandler movie that doesn’t completely suck!!




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