‘IT’ Review

‘IT’ Review

Short review: This movie scared me. A lot. Long Review: Stephen King has  A LOT of novels and short stories. Many of them have been turned into films and TV shows. ‘IT’ being one of Stephen King’s most beloved books, it was bound for a studio to make an adaptation of this one. We had a two-part mini-series on TV back in 1990 that starred Tim Curry as Pennywise. I have never seen the mini-series nor read the book so I will not be comparing those to this movie. I will be judging the movie just on its own merits. And I’m happy to say that this is a damn good horror movie.  I was pretty excited to see this because, like most people, I saw the trailer and was genuinely freaked out by it. I don’t do well with clowns at all. I was really scared of them as a kid. Still am. So as you can probably tell, this movie frighten me quite a bit. If you don’t know what this movie is about, the plot is a group of bullied kids, known as the “Losers Club”, band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children. The thing that I loved this movie for and what I think most people will get out of this is that this movie is a fantastic blend of two genres: Coming of age and horror. This movie is actually an extremely sweet, funny, and emotional coming of age film, expertly fused with a R-rated horror film. And a SCARY one at that. Some of the images in this film I know will stick with me. My favorite thing about this movie by far is the “Losers Club”. All the kids, every single one of them, is fantastic. They each have a distinct character trait and background and they all have amazing chemistry with one another. My favorites were Richie and Eddie. But they’re all great, seriously. All these kids have bright futures in front of them as actors. I can see people having conversations arguing who their favorite is. Director Andy Musechietti constructs these scares in a unique way. The jump scares are really fun and sometimes very unexpected. Not gonna lie I jumped a few times. Now let’s discuss what everyone wants to know. How was Pennywise the clown? I thought Bill Skarsgard was excellent in this role. He was really charismatic and inviting, so you were drawn to him every time he was on-screen. He had many voice inflections and body movements that really creeped me out. One thing that I loved about Pennywise too was the effects on him. They used some CGI and practical effects on him and I was impressed how seamless it was. There were a couple of shots where it was noticeable but for the most part it looked really good.  Another thing that was great about this film was the way it looked. It was shot beautifully and had a nice color palette to it. My last positive is this film takes some risks with its story. It does things with the kids that I wasn’t expecting them to do and I applauded them for doing that. They really pulled no punches with these scenes. For example the opening scene. If you’ve seen the movie…..you know what I’m talking about. I do have a couple of negatives though. In my opinion there were a couple of cheesy things that happen towards the end of the movie that I felt were really unnecessary. Also, all the adults in this movie are horrible people. It seemed to be a theme in the film, I just wish that theme was a little clearer of why all the adults in the movie were so horrible. And like most horror movies, I could telegraph some of the scares. But other than that, I think this is an awesome and fun horror film. I loved both the horror aspects of this film as well as the sweet coming of age elements. I love all these kids and was having a blast the whole movie and honestly didn’t really want the movie to end. I honestly believe that this version of Pennywise is going to go down in history as one of the best horror movie villains of all time. Up there with Freddy Kruger and Jason.



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