‘Wind River’ Review

‘Wind River’ Review

‘Wind River’ stars Jeremy Renner and Elisabeth Olson and is about a FBI agent (Olson) and the town’s veteran game hunter (Renner) who team up to investigate a murder in the Wind River reservation. This film comes from writer/director Taylor Sheridan who is responsible for writing Sicario in 2015 and Hell or High Water (both oscar nominees). So I was interested in this film just based on the fact this was Sheridan’s directorial debut and I loved both Sicario and Hell or High Water. I really think Sheridan is one of the best writers working today. And this movie proves that without a doubt. This film knocked me flat. When the credits started to roll I sat in silence for a few minutes. This is a powerful, incredibly acted, intense, and chilling film. Themes of grief and how living in a place (in this case Wind River, Wyoming) that you are forced to live in can dictate how you view the world are shown in this movie in excruciating detail.  Jeremy Renner gives by far his best performance he’s ever given. His character has a sad past and has a connection with the other locals of Wind River and there are a lot of great scenes between Renner and Gil Birmingham, who plays the Native American father of the girl who was murdered. Renner is very understated and subtle in his performance but it’s as powerful as it could ever been. Elisabeth Olson is great in the film too and I was really happy about her character. In the beginning when she showed up I was hoping that she was not going to be a damsel in distress or anything like that but she was anything but that. Sheridan’s direction is fantastic with the cinematography being excellent as well. His dialogue as well can only be describes as honest. Sheridan has his characters say it like it is and I loved the dialogue for that. Like movies like Se7en, the town of Wind River feels like a character because of the way it’s shot and it incorporation in one of the themes of the film. One thing that surprised the hell out of my was the BRUTAL action scenes in this movie. I was really not expecting them but they are very very satisfying. Like Sicario and Hell or High Water, ‘Wind River’ has a punch in the gut finale that is truly….cathartic. Lastly, what makes this movie one of the best of the year for me is just how emotional it is and how Taylor Sheridan treated the subject matter. By some end text that appears at the end of the film it will be sure to knock you flat. It reveals another layer to the film and what it truly is about, which is heartbreaking. I think this is a film that you are probably going to hear a lot about come Oscar season and will definitely be in my top ten at the end of the year.




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