‘Logan Lucky’ Review

‘Logan Lucky’ Review

Director Steven Soderbergh is back from his “retirement” from film after 2013’s “Side Affects”, with a new heist comedy staring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough and Katie Holmes. It’s a story about 2 brothers (Tatum and Driver) who attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was excited to see this for a few reasons. I’m a big fan of most of Mr. Soderbergh’s work.  Most notably Ocean’s 11, Traffic, and Magic Mike. I love the cast and the trailer was really funny and intriguing. Everything that I was expecting to get in this movie (and even a little more) I got. This is a really funny, smart, wonderfully acted, and brilliantly directed movie in my opinion.  Channing Tatum basically disappears into the role as one of the Logan brother and is truly exceptional. I honestly sometimes forgot Channing Tatum was in the movie. Adam Driver, who I am also a big fan of, is also great ion this movie. Everyone was great with a couple of exceptions. There’s an actor in this movie towards the end that. I did not know was in the movie and was a little surprising. And I thought this actress was really off. I think she thought she was in a different movie. I don’t want to spoil the famous actress who’s in it for you because I really didn’t know she was in this. But, really,  the standout in this film is Daniel Craig as Joe Bang. He was on fire in this movie and you can tell that Craig was having a blast playing this character. It was great to see the current James Bond just do something that is quite literally the totally opposite of Bond. He was so funny and kind of charming in a very strange way. Soderbergh doesn’t stray away from his “art-film” roots as he directs this movie in kind of a unconventional way. The way he structures the heist is very entertaining and different. That’s what makes these seemingly simple movies more complex. When you have a director who can tell a story in a unique way, that’s special and that’s why ‘Logan Lucky’ is so enjoyable. The cast is great, the dialogue is hilarious, the direction is superb, and I honestly don’t have a lot of negatives for this movie. This is just a really well told and super entertaining heist film that I almost guarantee your average person will love.



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