‘A Ghost Story’ Review

‘A Ghost Story’ Review

‘A Ghost Story’ is the new art-house film starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, directed by acclaimed director David Lowery. This film is about a recently deceased husband (Affleck) who comes back as a white-sheeted ghost and returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his wife, in an exploration of one’s legacy, loss, love, and existence. Have I lost you yet? The more and more I explain this plot its going to get even stranger and stranger. BEAR WITH ME. Before seeing this, I was VERY intrigued by this movie. The premise is fascinating to me. The trailer was also extremely intriguing to me as well (link for it below) and just like ‘The Big Sick” it was getting a good amount of buzz coming from Sundance. I like to see movies like this that are just completely different from your average movie. I really like it when a talented filmmaker can tell a story in a totally unique way and make it emotional and work. I try to seek those films out. And after seeing this movie….I had to process it. I saw this movie a couple of days ago and I have not been able stop thinking about it. This film is absolutely beautiful, haunting, emotional, and a poignant portrayal of love and loss. This is honestly one of the saddest and most depressing movies I have ever seen. But even though I feel that way, after I left the theater I was so happy because I had seen a movie that was unlike anything I had ever seen and watched filmmaker who, I can tell by watching it, put his heart and soul into it. The way David Lowery directed and wrote this movie is something to be applauded. There is barely any dialogue in this film. The story is basically all told through visuals. This movie has a hypnotic and cosmic quality that I loved. But what really blew me away about this movie is it’s themes and how much it impacted me. This movie has a bunch of layers, visual metaphors that had been thinking about for days. If you are looking for a truly unique film that you will no doubt be moved by or moved to tears by, check this movie out. This movie is not for everyone though. If this review peaks your interest, watch the trailer and familiarize yourself with the style of this movie and I think you’ll love it. Also, a quick shout out to Daniel Hart who was the composer of this film who composed a beautiful theme for this movie called “I Get Overwhelmed”. Great and emotional song.












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