‘Dunkirk’ Review

‘Dunkirk’ Review

‘Dunkirk’ is the new WWII epic by critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. At this point, the man needs no introduction. If you don’t know who Nolan is, he is the filmmaker behind The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and 2014’s Interstellar. He has not made a bad film yet. This is his 10th film and is the true story about a group of British and French allies who were surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. As a fan of Nolan (like most people), I was very excited to see this movie. And coming out of this I believe that this is one of Nolan’s best movies. First off, I have to say that this movie is going to be divisive for one reasons. One being, there are basically no characters in this movie. That is not a negative in this film though. The reason it’s not is because this movie is not about the characters. This movie is about the experience of war. Nolan uses a few male characters just to put the audience members into the battle at Dunkirk. And OH BOY DOES HE DO IT, The reason this might be divisive for some is you might be disappointed in the fact there is not really a single character that you latch on too. This movie is intense. Like really intense. The way Nolan crafts these scenes is truly breathtaking. From what I can tell there is like no CGI in this movie. And if there is…..great CGI because I didn’t notice anything. These battle scenes are heart racing. Nolan really immerses you into this battle and it’s some of the most visceral war scenes ever shot. Also this film is BEAUTIFULLY shot. Wow. Nolan shot this on 70mm film and it is GLORIOUS. The best thing I can say about performances in this movie is everyone felt real in this movie. I never felt like I was watching any actors. The casting in this movie was perfect as well. But what really makes this too me one of Nolan’s best films is the ending of this movie. The last scene was an emotional punch to the gut for me and encapsulates the whole theme of the film that I thought was brilliant. The only issue I had for this movie is that it took about 10 min to get going, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!




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