‘The Big Sick’ Review

‘The Big Sick’ Review

‘The Big Sick’ is a new romantic comedy that stars Kumail Nanjiani, from ‘Silicon Valley’ fame, as himself in this true story about how Kumail fell in love with his now wife Emily Gordon. This film was getting a lot of buzz out of the infamous Sundance film festival this year. The rave reviews for this film coming out of the festival peaked my interest and I became excited to see this film. And the interesting and original plot also peaked my interest. This is a fantastic movie. Not only is it probably the funniest movie of the year, it will probably go down as the movie with the most heart this year. This movie not only has gut busting funny laughs, it has a lot to say about interracial relationships. The simple message of you love who you love no matter what the skin color or culture you are from is very present and is very profound in this movie. Kumail is a Pakistani man and his parents want him to have an arranged marriage in the film and that complicates things for Kumail since he is dating a white girl. This obviously draws some comedy but also some real drama. I was impressed with all the performances in this film, especially Kumail Nanjiani. I was not expecting him to be as good as he was in the drama aspects of this film. I obviously knew he was going to be very funny, but his performance really drew some emotion out of me.  But to me the stand out to me in the realm of performances was Ray Romano and Holly Hunter who play Emily’s parents in this movie and have a significant role. These two were so funny and really felt like real parents. There were times when I felt like I was watching a documentary. But, like I said before this movie has incredible heart and what makes it elevate higher than every romantic comedy is it’s great cross-cultural themes and the amazing chemistry between the two leads. My only issue with this movie is I felt it was a tad too long. They should have cut about 15 to 20 min out. Unfortunately, I have the same problem with every Judd Apatow produced movie (except 40 Year-Old Virgin). MAKE YOUR MOVIES SHORTER MAN!!! Other than that I loved this movie.




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